Kathryn Reay – help with domesticating feral cats 

Anita visited us shortly before Christmas and we are already seeing positive improvements in our two cats, which are feral cats rescued from an unsafe environment by the cat protection league. It’s been challenging to engage them as they have no positive experience of humans but small practical changes and an increased understanding gained through conversation with Anita has led to noticeable improvements. Since the visit Anita has been very responsive on text and had taken a keen interest in our progress.


Do you need help with domesticating feral cats?

help with domesticating feral cats

If the answer is yes then please contact Anita on info@catbehaviourist.com.

Anita’s consultancy is vet referred but once she gets a referral you will be given a home visit as soon as possible, usually within a week or less.

As you are seeking help with domesticating feral cats you can be assured of a first class service where you will be treated with compassion and understanding and not judged.

Behaviour issues can range from:

  • Feline territorial aggression
  • Feline re-directed aggression
  • Feline OCD (excessive grooming, etc)
  • Feline predatory aggression
  • Fouling around the home
  • Feline spraying/marking
  • Furniture damage

to other cat related issues such as:

  • Feline obesity
  • Problems arising from confinement/in-door cat problems
  • Inter-cat relations/Multi-cat household tensions
  • Feline separation anxiety
  • Confidence building with shy anxious rescue cats
  • Low stress mobile cat grooming & grooming behaviour training (Anita specialises in working with aggressive, elderly or phobic cats)
  • Plus help with domesticating feral cats

All enquiries most welcome.

I am offering Skype behaviour consultations for international residents plus UK residents during the Covid-19 crisis.

your help with domesticating feral cats is just a phone call away.