Becky Giles – zoom cat behaviour advice testimonial

My cat Katinka has developed an issue that Anita diagnosed as predatory aggression. We had a very helpful virtual consultation, during and after which Anita made several suggestions, and then wrote an extensive report with some further advice. Anita also continues to provide extensive virtual support, which is very helpful and much appreciated. Although it’s only a week since our consultation, and not all suggestions have yet been able to be implemented, I and others have already seen a change in Katinka. She seems happier, more enlivened, and not attacking so much. She has usually been a very gentle cat, so this was new behaviour. I am delighted with the input from Anita and absolutely recommend her.


Most cat behaviour consultations, ideally, are performed on a home visit but in some instances, whereby clients live too far in the Uk or they live abroad, Anita has opened her practice to include zoom consultations.

Anita’s zoom cat behaviour advice consultations including help for:

  • Feline territorial aggression
  • Feline re-directed aggression
  • Feline OCD (excessive grooming, etc)
  • Feline predatory aggression
  • Fouling around the home
  • Feline spraying/marking
  • Furniture damage

to other cat related issues such as:

  • Feline obesity
  • Problems arising from confinement/in-door cat problems
  • Inter-cat relations/Multi-cat household tensions
  • Feline separation anxiety
  • Confidence building with shy anxious rescue cats
  • Low stress mobile cat grooming & grooming behaviour training (Anita specialises in working with aggressive, elderly or phobic cats)
  • Expert zoom cat behaviour advice

All enquiries most welcome.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your postcode and a brief synopsis of your feline issues and we can let you know of the costs involved with a zoom consult and continued support.

Our zoom cat behaviour advice is an email away.