Cat toy & Catification home sessions

Are you seeking Cat toy & Catification home sessions? well.....

Forget Tupperware parties - Cat Toy Sessions are the new thing!

  • Personalised for your cats own unique temperament
  • No postage and packing costs
  • No endless buying of in-correct toys that your cat hates
  • Expert hands on advice for keeping in-door cats happy
  • Tried and tested cat toys from an expert in feline psychology

 Anita Kelsey, Cat Behaviour Counsellor, explains

On my many consultations I come across clients who say their cat does not play. When I find the correct toy, from my car load of toys that I carry with me on all home visits, the cat who doesn’t play goes ballistic. The key to playing with your cat is finding the correct toy and then rotating those kinds of toys to keep the cat interested.

Cat Toy Sessions involve a one off home visit with Anita, armed with all sorts of interactive toys, to find out what kind of toys match the personality of your cat. Every cat is different and what works with one cat may not work with another. Toys have been carefully gathered after years of experience and the great thing about these sessions is that the client gets to see what works and how their cat reacts without wasting tons of money and time on the wrong things.

Cat toy sessions are not behaviour consultations which come with 6 weeks of follow up assistance and a behaviour write up report for the client and vet. These sessions are one off home visits specifically geared to seeing what makes your cat tick to get their interest back up in playing again.

If you would like to know more about these sessions please email:

Cat toy sessions typically lasts aprox one hour minimum. You will be sent a link to the toys that work if Anita does not have the toy to hand. You will be amazed at the difference one of these sessions makes and many clients are amazed at the reactions of their cats from toys they would never have considered or even heard of.

Consultations come with advice on how to keep your in-door cat happy.

Cat toy & Catification home sessions

Lots of advice also comes in Anita's 2nd published book

Let's Talk About Cats