Skype / International cat behaviour consultations

Due to many emails from cat owners in the US and Europe Anita has decided to open her consultancy to offer cat behavior skype or email consultations. Anita's preferred method of consulting is a home visit but, wishing to help cat owners, the decision was made to offer help via skype, as the best practical solution. I am also extending my Skype / International cat behaviour consultations for Uk residents during the Coronavirus lockdown/isolation period as I cannot visit homes at this times. 

To help you decide whether Skype / International cat behaviour consultations with feline behavior expert Anita Kelsey is right for you please click HERE.

Skype / International cat behaviour consultations

Anitas consults on many cat related behaviors including severe cat to human aggression, multi cat aggression, through to litter box aversions to cat aggression connected to grooming.

Most Skype / International cat behaviour consultations still require a vet referral so that Anita can work closely with your veterinary practice.

The fee for a skype consultation includes:

  • Skype / International cat behaviour consultations at an agreed time and date.
  • A full extensive cat behavior report which explains the cat behavior, a modification plan and prognosis.
  • Links to suggested buys which will be personalised to your cat and environment.
  •  Continued support within a set period.
  • A copy of the report sent to your vet
  • An invoice
Skype / International cat behaviour consultations
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To email through an enquiry please send a brief description of the cat behavior issue you are experiencing along with your full address to

Your vet can download a referral form from HERE.

All enquiries are most welcome.


Books available

Anita is a published author of 3 cat books: Claws, Let's Talk About Cats & her latest book The Little Book Of Extraordinary Cats.